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The Hidden Dangers of Free NBA Streaming- Must Read

With the 2008/2009 NBA season underway, many people around the world are trying to find ways to watch their favourite NBA superstars live online. However for most people this means trying to find a website which streams NBA live for free. But what most people don’t realize is that there are many hidden dangers in doing so. As you continue reading, I’ll reveal the most common dangers and how you can avoid them.

1. Viruses, viruses, VIRUSES. Yup as you may have guessed, most websites which stream the NBA for free are jam packed with spyware, malware and viruses just waiting to infect your computer. The best way to avoid this is to only watch streaming NBA from reputable websites. Websites which have been in the industry for many years are your best bet.

2. SLOW streaming. Watching NBA Streaming from free websites normally means that thousands and thousands of people are going to be on the same website. This means that sometimes the stream will be interrupted causing it to freeze and skip. This can get very annoying as you can imagine.

3. Poor quality. One of the worst things about free NBA Streaming is the quality. Who wants to sit through an entire ball game where the quality is rubbish? Also you may want to watch the game via your television. The solution to this problem is finding a program which streams the games in HD (high definition) or at least streaming at very high quality. This will have a huge impact on the overall watching experience.

4. Another trick that can catch innocent viewers unaware is that some of the sites which offer free NBA Streaming are illegal, and with the issue of copyright getting very big these days, not only can the website get in trouble but so can the viewers. This could mean a hefty fine.

5. Last but not least is the unreliability factor. Who wants to get all excited about a big game only to find “the server is unavailable”. Most of the free NBA streaming sites are incredibly unreliable. Most of the time, the big games aren’t played live.

So now that you have discovered the dangers of watching NBA streaming for free, the best solution is to find a reliable software program which is free of viruses, streams quickly, has high picture quality, is legal and which is reliable. The good news is that there are services out there which do cover these important criteria. In fact I have been watching my favourite NBA players live via NBA streaming for some time now as well as other live sports like NFL, MLB and more. To find out what software program I use and for the complete review go to

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